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  1. Prof. Patrice GOUET, Lyon University

    • Roles in ESPript / ENDscript
      • Principal investigator
      • Development leader
      • Development of the core programs ESPRIPT and SDPB (OpenMP Fortran)

    • Research interests and activities
      • Structural studies on protein kinases of human pathogens and retroviral proteins
      • Teaching duty in biochemistry, structural virology and X-ray crystallography

  2. Dr. Xavier ROBERT, CNRS Engineer

    • Roles in ESPript / ENDscript
      • Development of the core CGI program (Perl)
      • Development of the graphical user interface (HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, JavaScript)
      • Development of the automated PyMOL scripting (Bash, Perl)
      • Development of helper scripts (Bash, Perl)
      • Databases maintenance and update
      • IT server administration (Debian 11)

    • Research interests and activities
      • X-ray crystallography, molecular modeling and docking for biotechnological and therapeutic applications
      • IT administrator of computer resources for the laboratory

  3. Former developer

    • Dr. Emmanuel COURCELLE, CNRS Engineer - LIPM-SPE Bioinformatics Platform
      • First releases of ESPript (1.0 to 2.0) and ENDscript (1.0)
      • Development of the original core CGI program (Perl)
      • Development of the original graphical user interface (HTML4, JavaScript)

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