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First Steps with ENDscript

The ENDscript interface is composed by:

  • A BUTTONS frame, fixed at the top of the page.

  • A MAIN frame, containing the user form.

  • A POP-UP window, containing the results of your ENDscript job.

  1. The MAIN frame:

    • The primary information is the PDB query. Fill up the form by at least:
      • clicking on the PDB icon and typing the PDB entry code (e.g. 2CAH) of your protein structure (NMR and crystallographic structures are supported),
      • or uploading you own PDB file by clicking on the Browse button (or equivalent depending on your browser language).
    • The rest of the form allows you to take account of existing hetero-compounds but also to change parameters related to the search of homologous proteins, the sequence and structural alignments, the alignments output layout or the size and format of the resulting figures (PostScript, PDF, PNG, TIFF).
    • All these options are detailed in the User Guide section or directly from the interface by clicking on the HELP icons.
    • Short notices are also available for form items by hovering the pointer over a InfoAnswer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything

      Default: 42

  2. The BUTTONS frame:

    • ENDscript button frame
    • Only yellow buttons are active at the exception of the TIME bar. Blue buttons are not clickable.
    • When the main form is filled, click on the SUBMIT button to let ENDscript process your query.
    • For most queries, a result pop-up window automatically appears within one minute. This results window can be (re)opened at any moment by clicking on the RESULTS button.
      • In order to access the results, you may be required to authorize your browser to display pop-up windows from endscript.ibcp.fr.
        If needed, please refer to your browser documentation.
    • With the ESPRIPT button, you can export your ENDscript results to the ESPript server. There, you will be able to edit and enhance your sequence illustrations and to save your session on your own computer.
    • Pay attention to the TIME bar. You must at least execute one command each 60 minutes otherwise you session will be closed.
    • The DOC button displays the full user guide in a separated window.
    • Before leaving, click on the EXIT button so the processing and results files are permanently removed from server.

  3. The RESULTS pop-up window:

    • The results, divided in several sections, appear in this multi-tab window with dedicated links. Click to visualize them or click with the right button of the mouse for retrieve.
    • Expert (or curious!) users can click on the Server logs Input files or Tracing files tabs to access the corresponding reports and data.
    • ENDscript result tabs

    • The content of these results is detailed in the User Guide.
    • A practical Commented Example is also available to illustrate how to interpret the results and to extract uttermost information from your protein of interest.

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